Legal notification

This website (herein web), owned by TEMPORE PROPERTIES SOCIMI S.A.U., (herein, Tempore or the Company), has the aim of providing knowledge of the Company and the services and products offered by it, as well as an informative function.

Access to this web of Tempore and the information contained in it requires the acceptance of the conditions of use stipulated in this legal notification, access being the responsibility of the user.

The contents of the web are not aimed at those users who live in administrative areas in which the contents of this web is not authorised or permitted.

Only included in this web are those contents and pages that feature within the web map of Tempore situated in its footnote.

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify these conditions of use of its web at any time, which will enter into force from their publication and will be applicable to all the users of the web page from that date.​​



TEMPORE PROPERTIES SOCIMI S.A.U., with tax number (CIF) A-87870150 is inscribed in the Company Register of Madrid, Volume 36.087, Dossier 202, Sheet M-648435, 1st inscription.

Tempore has its company offices in Paseo de la Castellana 89, 28046 Madrid.




The contents of this web page has been produced with the aim of giving information about Témpore to the users of it, information about business and finance, aimed at shareholders, which will have a general and informative nature, being subject to possible changes.

Tempore reserves the right to introduce modifications or omit partially or totally the current contents of its web page when it considers appropriate and without prior notice, as well as impeding or restricting access to it temporarily or permanently.



The Company has adopted all the measures necessary to maintain the information updated and avoid any error or omission in the contents. Notwithstanding, if there are errors or omissions, Tempore excludes all responsibility for damages or for the information provided by third parties.

In case of discrepancies between the original documentation and the electronic version published in the web, the original documentation will prevail, and in the case of discrepancy between the information contained in the English version of the web and the Spanish version, the latter will prevail.



It is prohibited, except in the cases that Tempore expressly authorises, to establish links or hyperlinks from websites of third parties to the pages owned by the Company, as well as presenting the web page of Tempore or the information contained in it under frames or brands, distinctive signs, brands or official company or commercial names of another person, company or entity.

The contents, products, services and activities, whether of third parties, to which one can accede (directly or indirectly) through links included in the web of Tempore have a merely informative purpose, except when stated otherwise, the Company not being responsible for its content and without its publication representing any recommendation, suggestion or invitation regarding it, and neither does it represent a relationship between Tempore and this third party, owner of the web, that sends it. Tempore reserves the right to eliminate at any time and unilaterally the link included. Access to a third party web is done voluntarily and under the responsibility of the user, for which Tempore will not be liable for incidents, damages or losses for user of this access.



It is prohibited to transmit or send through the web of Tempore any illicit contents, computer viruses, or messages that in general affect or violate rights of the Company or third parties, as well as making statements that imply a breaking of the regulations or defamatory contents which is threatening, pornographic, obscene or of any other type that involves or not a penal offence, the user being responsible for what they have sent.

The transmission of information by the users that are made via the web, or that which is transmitted from or to this web is the responsibility of whoever sends it. In the case in which the web Tempore were to house webs of third parties, it will be these third parties responsible for their contents and in their case the user must send directly to these third parties any claim about their contents.

Any comment, information or statement linked to the web and its contents, sent by any means about the Company is not the responsibility of Tempore. The company may limit or prohibit access to the web to any user, as well as eliminate the information or the comments sent and transferred by users when they are contrary to the rules or morals for the circumstances that Tempore considers.



Tempore uses all the means at its disposal so that browsing is done in the best conditions, so it aims to avoid any interruption or circumstance that impedes navigation and may provoke damage of any type, even though it does not guarantee continuous access, nor the correct visualisation, download or use of the elements and information contained in its web page, that may impede, be problematic or be interrupted by factors or circumstances beyond its control.

The Company does not take any responsibility for damages, claims or costs produced by:

(i) interferences, interruptions, omissions, telephone breakdowns, delays or disconnections in the functioning of the electronic system, due to any cause, even outside of the Company’s control;

(ii) illegal intromissions of any type and through any means of communication;

(iii) improper or inappropriate use of the Company’s web page, including decisions of investment based on data or information contained in this web page, or

(iv) errors of security or browsing produced by a bad functioning of the browser but the use of out-of-date versions of it or different versions from which this web has been designed.



This web, the information or elements contained in it (texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphic representations, databases, computer programmes, as well as logotypes, brands, commercial names, and other distinctive signs) protected by intellectual or industrial property rights, are owned by Tempore.

Tempore does not offer any guarantee whatsoever about the legality of the information or elements contained in the web pages of the Company when the ownership of them does not correspond to Tempore.

The contents that the Tempore web hosts cannot be the object of exploitation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, cession or transformation, without their prior and express authorisation. Access to this web does not award the users the right or ownership of the intellectual property rights of the contents it hosts.

The contents of this web can be downloaded in the terminal of the user (download), on the condition that it is for their private use and without any commercial purpose, not being able to use, reproduce, distribute, modify, communicate publicly, cede, transform or use this contents for public or commercial purposes, except when the opposite has been stated.

The company does not transfer the ownership of its software to the users. The user is the owner of the support in which the software is recorded. If the user transfers software of this web to their terminal, they cannot dissect it for its study, or decompile it, translate the original object code or its language into another code or language.

The Company reserves the possibility of taking the corresponding legal proceedings against the users that breach of infringe the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Company.



These general conditions will be ruled by Spanish legislation.

Any dispute that may arise from the access or use of this web, owned by Tempore, will be subject to the competent courts in the Kingdom of Spain.

Only those contents and pages that feature in the web map of Tempore are considered as its web.

The Company reserves the right to modify unilaterally these conditions of use of its web at any time, which will enter into force from its publication and will be applicable to all the users of the web page from this date.​