Access to services that involves personal data capture or transactional services works on the servers and secure setting with the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer) which is activated on entering the services.

The secure server establishes a connection in a way that the information is transmitted in code, and ensures the identity of the remote equipment and, therefore, the client is transmitting their data to the server centre of TEMPORE PROPERTIES SOCIMI S.A., (herein Tempore or the Company) and not to another, this data passing by means of algorithms of AES128 bits which ensure that the contents transmitted is only intelligible for the client computer and the Company server.

The user can check that they are within the secure setting if the address (URL) of the server begins with https, when normally it is done with http, when on the status bar of their browser a closed padlock appears or in the lower corner of the screen a whole key, instead of a broken one as in an insecure server.

The guarantee of security of our servers is endorsed by an extended validation certificate issued by the company Thawte EV SSL CA–G3 (Symantec Corporation). This certificate guarantees that the client is communicating their data to a server of Tempore and not a third party that will try to pass itself off as the Company.​